Design and Implementation of the Index Manager for the Main Memory DBMS Tachyon

S.-W. Kim (Korea), S. Park (USA), W. Choi and M.-S. Kim (Korea)


DBMS, Main Memory DBMS, Index Manager, Concur rency Control, Recovery


The main memory DBMS (MMDBMS) efficiently sup ports various database applications that require high perfor mance since it employs main memory rather than disk as a primary storage. In this paper, we discuss the experiences obtained in developing the index manager of the Tachyon, a next generation MMDBMS. An index manager is an es sential sub-component of a DBMS used to speed up the retrieval of objects from a large volume of a database in re sponse to a certain search condition. Previous research ef forts on indexing proposed various index structures. How ever, they hardly dealt with the practical issues occurred in implementing an index manager on a target DBMS. In this paper, we touch these issues and present our experi ences in developing the index manager of the Tachyon as solutions. The main issues touched are (1) compact repre sentation of an index entry, (2) support of variable-length keys, (3) support of multiple-attribute keys, (4) support of duplicated keys, (5) concurrency control, and (6) backup and recovery.

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