The Data Definition Language for the Virtual Image

R. Landi, L. Petraglia, and G. Petraglia (Italy)


Indexing Techniques, Objectoriented Databases, Multimedia Database, Virtual Image


In the recent years a productive spur in the design of image database system has been stimulated by the growing interest towards the image as a basic component of information interchange. In previous work we have introduced the Virtual Image, a iconic index for pictorial information and a similarity retrieval approach to perform content based retrieval. In this paper we show that the virtual image is a class with the formalism of object relational database approach. From this point of view we define a DDL for this class using the SQL-3 approach. Also we characterize the basic methods based on UDR – DML approach to process the Image Data Base using the Virtual Image as textual index based on the spatial and logic operators for filing and retrieving the images.

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