Analysis Method for Patent Documents Utilizing References

K. Awaya, S. Nasu, H. Shigeno, and Y. Matsushita (Japan)


Document Retrieval, Information Search, Patent.


Business Method Patents, which usually combine software with business methodology, have been increasing. The system that can search patent documents more efficiently has been expected. Conventional retrieval systems have limitation in retrieval effectiveness because it is difficult to satisfy user's requests utilizing only appearance frequency of each word in a document. Thus we develop a method to enhance retrieval effectiveness by utilizing patents' "References". The referring patent has the strong relation to referred patents (References) because "References" is the list of patents that patent examiners cited when they examine the referring patent. Therefore, we assume that words, which are contained in both the referred patents and referring patent, expresses the feature of the referring patent. Our method utilizes word in referred patents when it calculates a score of word in referring patent. To show how effective it is utilizing "References", we run a comparative experiment of forty patent documents that we have understood between the case utilizing "References" and not utilizing "References" on the view of seeing how much emphasis is given to characteristic words. As a result of this experiment, we indicate the usefulness of our method.

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