Telemedicine: A Mote-based Data Acquisition System for Real Time Health Monitoring

P.O. Bobbie, C. Deosthale, and W. Thain (USA)


ECG, MotesMicaZ Sensor Networks, Telemedicine, Wireless Protocol


The paper is on the design and implementation of a prototyped, integrated portable wireless Electrocardiogram (ECG) system. The goal is to develop an integrated sensor-based, wireless-enabled ECG device using analog/digital signal acquisition circuitry and a TCP-enabled interface to log, analyze and monitor home based heart patients. The prototyped system is intended to provide an alternative to the current limited-in-purpose wired-based ECG devices for monitoring patients. The design of the prototype system leads to flexibility and mobility of the patients. Toward this goal, a prototyped ECG device/board has been constructed using analog electronics for obtaining, amplifying and filtering the captured signals. The device is interfaced with other environmental wireless sensors, which are mounted on MicaZ™’s-RF enabled micro-processor nodes (manufactured by Crossbow Technology Inc.) to provide the wireless platform. Architecturally, an MDA300CA™ sensor node is used for signal acquisition and an MPR2400™ transmits the signals in the unlicensed 2.4GHz ISM band. Analog signals of other environmental sources such as temperature, humidity, and oxygen (oximeteric), coupled with the ECG signal can aid a physician in the monitoring and analyzing the confounding effect on a patient’s heart condition – making the prototype multi-functional and clinically valuable.

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