Meeting User Needs for Quality – Design and Technical Evaluation of a Telehealth System for Critical Care

J. Li, L.S. Wilson, S. Hansen, R. Qiao, A. Krumm-Heller, S. Stapleton, P. Cregan, and M. Murphy (Australia)


Critical care, broadband telehealth, human factors, usability, evaluation


This paper describes the design and technical evaluation of the ViCCU® (Virtual Critical Care Unit) system a broadband telehealth system for critical care developed by CSIRO Australia in conjunction with Sydney West Area Health Service. The aim of the technical design team was to develop a workstation to support a critical care specialist remotely leading a team during the treatment of critically ill patients. The system enables transmission of high quality audio/video information and has a seamless interface to the complex clinical working environment. A technical evaluation was conducted by CSIRO at the conclusion of a two year trial. Preliminary results indicate that the deployed system met its design criteria in terms of general design, usability, media quality and reliability.

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