Integrated Wireless-based Medical Information Processing: System Analysis and Simulation

H. Qu, L.Y. Wang, H. Wang, Q. Cheng, E. Yaprak, and H. Zheng (USA)


Information processing, communications, data compres sion, signal quantization, transmission bandwidths.


Accuracy of information processing and transmission is of essential importance in designing integrated systems of medical diagnosis and communications. When system resources are limited, such as transmission bandwidths, ap propriate utility of available resources to minimize infor mation errors becomes imperative. In this paper impact of communication channel resource limitations on medical information processing is studied. Fundamental relation ships between information exchange accuracy and avail able resources, and tradeoff among communication system variables are established under typical communication set tings with DCT transformation, data compression, quanti zation, stochastic wireless channels and IDCT transforma tion. Lung sound data acquisition and diagnosis are em ployed to illustrate the main ļ¬ndings.

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