The Influence which Visual Communication System Effects has on Elderly People

H. Sato, S. Murata, K. Fujimura, Y. Ito, K. Ogura, T. Watanabe, Y. Fujino, T. Mochizuki, T. Tsuboi, A. Miyajima, and S. Takagi (Japan)


Elderly people, Communication, Existence information, State information, TV phone, Handwritten Email, Sense of security, Fun


The increase in the aging population has become a huge issue in the world including Japan, and considerable research for elderly people and caregivers has been performed to date. We have researched communication between elderly people and their families. The current experiments were conducted in Kijo Town, Miyazaki Prefecture, Japan from the view to evaluate elderly people's peer communication this time. The results showed there were some differences for the preference for each communication and for the sense of security that each communication tool provided between areas.

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