A European E-Learning Experience in Upper Limb Telerehabilitation

C. Giacomozzi, D. Cordella, M. Rogante, S. Scattareggia, R. Magni, M. Zampolini (Italy), M.B. Guitart (Spain), S. Ilsbroukx (Belgium), and B. Huijgen (The Netherlands)


Telerehabilitation, e-learning.


ISS is currently conducting a web-based learning activity within the EU Project HELLODOC [1]. The Project core is a home-based telerehabilitation service for patients with Traumatic Brain Injury, Stroke or Multiple Sclerosis. The homecare device consists of an instrumented activity desk [1] which allows the execution and monitoring of configurable sets of upper limb exercises. A distance educational programme was designed and setup within the Project to train professionals to the effective management of the telerehabilitation service. In order to implement the programme, ISS adapted the Moodle e-learning platform [2] and used the Problem Based Learning methodology. Two e-learning modules were prepared, one more clinically and the other more technically oriented. The courses started on January 9th 2006. They will remain open until October 2006. The modules contain traditional learning sources as well as interactive learning tools. Each module includes 4 Units, whose working cycle is 5 days each. Each Unit is tutored one week every four; however, it will be available throughout the entire course. Overall continuous support is offered by ISS staff. At the end of the on-line period, statistics on quality and effectiveness of the courses will be elaborated.

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