Increasing the Upstream Capacity of Passive Optical Networks by Pulse Amplitude Multiplexing

D. Gutierrez, F.-T. An, J.W. Lee, and L.G. Kazovsky (USA)


Access Networks, Passive Optical Networks, Multiplexing.


Pulse Amplitude Multiplexing (PAMx) is proposed to in crease the upstream throughput of Passive Optical Net works (PONs). PAMx requires the change of the elec tronics at the Optical Network Units (ONUs) and Optical Line Terminal (OLT), but not of the optical or distribution network components. This scheme allows the simultane ous transmission of data from multiple ONUs whose power levels have been arranged by the OLT. Once the upstream bits are synchronized, the time slots that were previously exclusively occupied by a single ONU can now be shared by multiple ONUs. An algorithm in the protocol layer to support PAMx and further increase network ef´Čüciency is also proposed. Experimental results show the feasibility of doubling or even tripling the upstream throughput of PONs using PAMx.

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