A Novel Offset-based Restoration Mechanism for Optical Burst Switched Networks

S.Y Said, H.T. Mouftah, and H. Elbiaze (Canada)


Optical burst switching, Survivability, Restoration, Offset time, Just-In-Time


Survivability in optical burst-switched (OBS) networks is a fundamental key aspect toward developing next generation optical Internet. This paper proposes a novel offset-based restoration mechanism for Just-In-Time (JIT) optical burst-switched (OBS) networks. This method forms an annex to be integrated on any OBS restoration mechanism. As a preliminary step towards restoration, a new presentation of the offset time in JIT-based OBS network is discussed. The offset time is broken down into a sufficient-time-offset and a delay factor. Investigations on the influence of the delay factor on the restoration process upon a network failure are done, especially in compensating failed-network performance de-gradations. The proposed offset time calculation mechanism and the restoration scheme are verified through extensive simulation studies.

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