Acquirement of 2-D QPC Signature Code for Optical CDMA System

C. Li, D. Zhao, Y. Chen, X. Sun (PRC), and J.-M. Jeong (Korea)


Optical Network Architecture, Optical code-division multiple access (OCDMA), Two-dimensional quadratic prime code (2D-QPC)


The article proposed a novel construction scheme of 2D-QPC for two-dimensional optical code-division multi ple access system. The idiographic designing process of 2D-QPC is researched in detail, and the autocorrelation and cross-correlation of 2D-QPC are analyzed based on finite Galois Theory, After that, the system capacity and BER performance of OCDMA system employing 2D-QPC as signature code are calculated according to the “HIT” method. The result indicates that 2D-QPC has better auto and cross correlation properties compared to 1D-QPC (autocorrelation from 1 to 0, cross- correlation from 2 to 1), and 2D-QPC has also larger system capacity, which is p+1 times as that of 1D-QPC when they occupy same bandwidth and have same bit-rates. Satisfying the requirement of system BER 10-9 , the total theoretical capacity of OCDMA system employing 2D-QPC can approach the order of Tbits/s.

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