Mutual Information Helping to Design Wireless Sensor Network with Censoring Data Transmission and On/Off Sensors

N.M. Murad, D. Carsenat, C. Decroze, T. Monediere, and B. Jecko (France)


Wireless Sensor Networks, Wireless Energy Transportation and Observation, Energy Saving, Estimation Measurements Applications


In order to save transmission energy, a censoring data transmission and On/Off sensor technique are used. It means that the sensor node transmits information only when it is informative. Then optimal censoring region is derived and so the detection probability is maximized. The design of mutual information of Wireless Sensor Networks under the constraints on the average power cost of each sensor is computed. Also, we derive the optimum censoring and sleeping probabilities respecting the mutual information of the WSN. After modelling mathematically the sensor network, we show numerical results and comments.

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