Passive Wireless Temperature Sensing using RF Technology for an Automotive Application

D. Gould, A. Sklorz, M. Meiners, W. Lang, and W. Benecke (Germany)


RFSensor, temperature sensor, magnetic coupling, induc tive link, climate control system


A passively powered, wireless temperature sensor system using RF-technology is presented. The sensor was devel oped as part of a vehicle climate control system where the temperature of the windshield and the humidity in the ve hicle’s cabin are measured. The dew point can then be cal culated and the heating system can be automatically ad justed to defrost. The developed wireless, passive temper ature measurement subsystem operates inductively on the standard 13.56 MHz frequency in the Industrial Scientific Medical (ISM) band up to a distance of 5 cm from the pri mary side subsystem. At this distance and under the pre scribed coil dimensions a coupling factor of 1% is reached. In what follows, the electronic design, the electromagnetic link and measurement results of the system are described.

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