Indoor Localization System using RSSI Measurement of Wireless Sensor Network based on ZigBee Standard

M. Sugano, T. Kawazoe, Y. Ohta, and M. Murata (Japan)


performance evaluation, localization, RSSI, ZigBee


To verify the validity of our previously reported au tonomous indoor localization system in an actual envi ronment, we implemented it in a wireless sensor network based on the ZigBee standard. The system automatically estimates the distance between sensor nodes by measuring the RSSI (received signal strength indicator) at an appro priate number of sensor nodes. Through experiments, we clarified the validity of our data collection and position esti mation techniques. The results show that when the deploy ment density of sensor nodes was set to 0.27 nodes/Ѿ, the position estimation error was reduced to 1.5-2 m.

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