A Scalable Location-based Application Layer Multicast Protocol in MANET

K.-D. Kim, J.-H. Park, K. Lee, H.-Y. Kim, and S.-H. Kim (Korea)


ad hoc network, locationawareness, overlay multicast, twotiered hierarchy


Mobile node dynamically forms temporary network to communicate with each other and applications of mobile ad hoc networks require group oriented services. A scalable multicast support is an essential feature in ad hoc networks. In this paper, we presents a scalable location based hierarchical overlay multicast protocol (LHOMP). This protocol using GPS and grid-like region map stands on the basis of scalable 2-tiered multicast architecture and maintains an overlay multicast tree on the top layer. With this approach, the scalable application layer multicast for large group members are feasible. The simulation results show that the localized control and data packets prevent the application level packets from squandering the physical network resources. And the reasonable hot-spot decision with appropriate threshold value of group size makes data delivery performance more efficiently.

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