On Throughput of Multipath Data Transmission over Multihop Ad Hoc Networks

L. Zhao and J.G. Delgado-Frias (USA)


Multipath transmission, performance analysis, 802.11 MAC protocols, and ad hoc networks


Data transmission in ad hoc networks involves interactions between MAC-layer protocol and data forwarding along network-layer paths. These interactions have been shown to have significant effect on system performance. In this paper, their impact on the multipath data transmission system over multihop IEEE 802.11 MAC-based ad hoc networks is studied. An analytical model is developed to demonstrate the mechanism of multipath multihop transmission system. Two methods are proposed to estimate the effect of 802.11 DCF backoff scheme on packet service time in such system. The system throughput is evaluated and its bounds are obtained based on these estimation methods. The model is validated by means of simulation at various scenarios.

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