Plenary Address: Recent Advances in Three-Dimensional Sensing, Imaging, and Display

B. Javidi (USA)


3D image sensing and display, 3D integral imaging,


This Plenary Address will provide an overview of the most promising concepts, technologies, systems, applications, and the state of the art in the field of three dimensional (3-D) TV, 3-D Display, and 3-D imaging. It will describe research and development by the important players in the field. We present a number of techniques and systems for three-dimensional (3-D) image sensing and display. Integral imaging is a method to obtain a 3-D image by use of a set of two-dimensional (2-D) elemental images with different perspectives. In this lecture, improved results on three-dimensional TV and video systems using integral imaging will be presented. The optoelectronics image capture and display systems use moving micro-optics array lens technique for improved viewing resolution and viewing angle. Experimental results for image pickup and display will be presented. Also, computational integral imaging systems using digital reconstruction techniques will be discussed. Applications to 3-D TV, 3-D image visualization, and 3-D object recognition will be discussed.

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