A New Approach for Moving Target Detection using Bartlett Method for Spectral Estimation

F.M. Ahmed, K.A. Elbarbary, and A.R.H. Elbardawiny (Egypt)


Moving Target Detection ( MTD ), FFT, Bartlett, DSP.


In the present work, a proposed method, derived from Bartlett method for spectral estimation, which depends on dividing the received data sequence into a number, K, of nonoverlapping segments and averaging the calculated Fast Fourier Transform (FFT) for each segment over K, is applied in the Moving Target Detection (MTD) instead of the direct FFT in a typical ground based radar. The proposed method enhances the target detection capabilities, by providing higher detection probabilities, lower false alarm rates and an additional gain of 7~10 dB in the improvement factor, in the presence of ground and weather clutter, compared to the traditional one. This is because the sidelobe levels obtained are very small in magnitude and variance. This in turns facilitates the realization of the Doppler filters bank without using additional weighting.

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