Exploiting Spatial Diversity by Low-cost Regular Spatial Sampling (RSS) Beamforming

T. Scholand, A. Hessamian-Alinejad, A. Seebens (Germany), S.H. Kim (Korea), and P. Jung (Germany)


Array Antenna, Beamforming, Mobile Radio, Regular Spatial Sampling (RSS), Spatial Diversity, Spatial Matched Filter (SMF) Spatial Mobile Channel (SMC)


In this communication, the application of a low-cost beamforming concept, which is based on regular spatial sampling (RSS), to wireless communications shall be proposed. This beamforming concept shall be termed RSS beamforming. It bridges the gap between sector antennas and adaptive arrays by appropriate beam steering. RSS beamforming allows a beneficial low-cost implementation. The authors shall illustrate by simulation results, that RSS beamforming facilitates the exploitation of spatial diversity and outperforms conventional beamforming using spatial matched filtering (SMF). The aforementioned simulation results were obtained by using a spatial mobile channel (SMC) model sometimes called the “Kaiserslautern model”, which takes both spatial and temporal characteristics of radio wave propagation into account, respectively.

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