Integrated Information Processing and Communications: Complexity Analysis

H. Qu, L.Y. Wang, E. Yaprak, H. Wang (USA), and Y. Zhao (PRC)


Information processing, resource allocation, communica tions, data compression, signal quantization, transmission channels, WLAN, bandwidth.


Accuracy of information transmission when a signal must be transmitted through a communication channel is of es sential importance in design of communication systems. When system resources are limited, such as transmission bandwidths assigned to a wireless communication channel, appropriate utility of available resources becomes impera tive. This paper investigates fundamental relationships be tween accuracy of information exchange and communica tion resources, on a platform of wireless communication channels that involve typical system blocks of data com pression, quantization, and stochastic wireless channels. The main complexity relationships developed in this paper provide rigorous trade-off between resource consumptions and information processing errors of each block. When these relationships are integrated, an optimization proce dure emerges that allows optimal allocation of resources to each system block, such as compression ratio, quantization levels, and transmission speed, to maximize overall infor mation accuracy. Consequently, the overall errors of the transmitted signal will be minimized at the receiver end.

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