An LDAP/SQL-based Integrated Architecture for Broad-Band Services

C. Donzelli, C. Fontana, A. Ravaioli, P. Toppan, M. Patella, and C. De Castro (Italy)


“services” integration, cooperative work, LDAP, SQL


In this paper we present an architecture for the integration, into a common framework, of multimedia broad-band services for long-distance cooperative work and ubiquitous access to data and resources. The integration architecture is based on a pool of servers whose interaction offers several functionalities: they define the underlying information system and the access rights, manage the web-based access to services and guide the interaction of services during the cooperative work sessions. In particular, a web server controls the interaction between users and the system, an LDAP [1][2][3] and a SQL servers maintain the information system and a messaging server (Jabber) is used as a communication tool for the applications.

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