RBUS: A Middleware for Reliable Web Services

Y. Zhu and D.F. Ma (PRC)


Web services, reliability, reliable message delivery, reliable service interaction, and RBUS


The information technology industry has been using Web services for many years. Up to now, many companies are using Web services in production environments and these customer scenarios demonstrate the practical achievement of Web services objectives. As Web services become more prevalent, the need to deploy Web services across enterprise boundaries increases. Reliable delivery of messages and continuous reliable service interactions become critical issues to ensure high reliability especially in the case of temporary system errors, network failures or service unavailability. To address this new challenge, we propose Web Service Reliable Message Bus (RBUS), a Web services-oriented middleware for dependable message delivery and Web services interactions. This paper discusses the system architecture of RBUS, and reports some experimental results to illustrate the effectiveness of RBUS.

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