Testing Real-time VoIP Codec Software and Evaluating VoIP QoS

T.-K. Chua and D.C. Pheanis (USA)


VoIP, QoS, audio codec, software error, software test ing, business telecommunication systems.


The introduction of IP telephony (VoIP) presents sig nificant challenges in terms of validating VoIP software and measuring quality of service (QoS). VoIP employs advanced audio-codec algorithms that are extremely com plex, and the task of testing and validating a real-time codec implementation is a daunting challenge. Developers of VoIP systems also face the difficult problem of evaluating the QoS of VoIP sessions. The inherent problems of packet switching, such as packet loss and delay jitter, can greatly impair QoS, so developers frequently face the need to eval uate QoS in real time in order to make improvements to VoIP solutions. We present a validation and testing problem for real time VoIP codec software, and we analyze the challenges relating to this problem. Then we present a new system that we have developed and used to overcome both the complex software-validation problem and the problem of real-time QoS evaluation. Finally, we cite results that demonstrate the effectiveness of our system.

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