Adaptive Radio Resource Scheduling in an Integrated GPRS/UMTS Service Network

J.-L. Chen, N.-K. Chen, and S.-W. Pan (Taiwan)


Cellular system, Resource scheduling, GPRS/UMTS integrated system


This study presents a novel resource scheduling scheme based on timeslot utilization in an integrated GPRS/UMTS service network. Although this approach gives UMTS high priority for transmitting data services, it makes voice services available over GSM. This arrangement is reversed under a heavy load. Experiments are performed to analyze the system performance showing two observations. 1) The proportion of data sessions obtaining the required bandwidth is 90%, and the average loss ratio is 1%; the average delay time is qualified to support real time services, except for data services in GSM/GPRS. 2) For a heavy load, UMTS and GPRS share the traffic loads efficiently, so the increase in the integrated system capacity is 7.14% and 13.33% for the 64 kbps and 128 kbps data services, respectively.

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