FP/EDF Versus FP/FIFO Local Scheduling in a Bluetooth Piconet

K. Maalaoui, L.A. Saidane (Tunisia), and M.F. Zhani (Canada)


Bluetooth, M/G/1, vacations, batch arrivals, FP/EDF, FP/FIFO.


The Bluetooth technology was originally developed as a wireless interconnection between small mobile devices. But it is gradually evolving into a full wireless networking solution. Efficient communication in this type of networks requires a good design of intra and inter-piconet scheduling solutions. Mathematical performance analysis of such solutions is very important. But, due to the complexity of the Bluetooth MAC, they have been analyzed mostly via simulations. We present analytic results regarding performance evaluation of a Bluetooth piconet, based on the M/G/1 queue with batch arrivals and vacation times. We introduce a solution to support various traffics with QoS guaranties. We focus on two application constraints: the priority of a message and its end-to-end delivery deadline. We propose two new local scheduling disciplines. The first is a combination of the class based priority queuing (PQ) and FIFO. The second is a combination of PQ and EDF. PQ is used between classes while FIFO and EDF are used within a class. We compare the performances of the two proposed scheduling schemes (FP/FIFO and FP/EDF).

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