A Bandwidth Mangement Framework for an 802.11 Wireless MAN

J.M. Espinosa Carlin and S. Diepolder (Germany)


Bandwidth management, Roaming, CoS, IEEE 802.11, HTB.


An 802.11 Wireless Metropolitan Area Network (Wireless MAN) is managed by an Internet Service Provider (ISP) which has subscribers owning wireless Access Points (APs) to enable the use of wireless devices in their home net works. To increase the coverage area of the network, the subscribers have the possibility of doing roaming with their wireless devices, by using them also at the APs of other subscribers. In order for both home and roaming devices to experience the expected level of service, the available bandwidth has to be fairly distributed among them, depend ing on their number and on the amount of bandwidth that they need to use. Lacking at present with an effective and versatile mechanism to successfully manage bandwidth distribution in a wireless environment like the one described above, this paper presents a framework to support effective bandwidth management in an 802.11 Wireless MAN. Taking as a start ing point the issues that existent solutions are still not able to solve, the presented approach solves the problem from a perspective that allows to use the already deployed in frastructure and that requires the installation of only spe cific software components at particular points inside the network.

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