Construction of a Service-Oriented Architecture based E-Engineering Framework

H.S. Kim, S.H. Kuk, J.-K. Lee, and S.-W. Park (Korea)


e-Engineering Framework, Multi-Agent System, Service Oriented Architecture, Web Services, Business Process


This paper presents an ongoing project on the development of an e-Engineering framework proposed by KIMM (Korea Institute of Machinery and Materials). The framework is based on a number of advanced technologies, such as intelligent software agents, Service Oriented Architecture, Web Services, business process modeling, optimization, and virtual prototyping technologies. And it aims to provide an integrated design environment to support integrating personnel, design activities and engineering resources during product development process. Especially SOA technologies enable to utilize and integrate effectively various engineering resources on the heterogeneous geographically distributed computing environments. A software prototype is implemented and applied to several applications. A performance analysis and shape modeling process of pump design is chosen as a case study.

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