Dynamic Load Balancing for TreeP Computational Grids

M.W. Akhtar and M.-T. Kechadi (Ireland)


Parallel Algorithms, Dynamic Load Balancing, P2P Sys tems, Grid systems, Graph Embedding.


In this study we present a dynamic load balancing tech nique for P2P systems. The technique is a two step strategy. In the first phase, it maps any irregular network topology into a hierarchical topology. This hierarchy is called TreeP (Tree-based P2P network architecture) and is based on a tessellation of a 1-D space. TreeP is created and maintained dynamically and provides basic functionality of structured routing. In the second phase the load is balanced among the nodes using PSLB algorithm. In this paper we study the performance of this two-step strategy and evaluate its effectiveness. This strategy is proven to be efficient and does not introduce a considerable overhead as shown in the experimental results.

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