Towards Semantic Matchmaking in Portals

J. Polgar, T. Polgar (Australia), and K. Wilkinson (New Zealand)


Web services, portlets, semantic matchmaking, Web Services for Remote Portlets


The emergence of web services technology has introduced a problem: how can we ensure that requests are successfully matched with advertisements when consumers and producers may use different terminology to describe the same service or the same terminology to describe different ones? Popular approaches to solving this problem are reviewed which involve the use of ontologies to improve the semantic content of the matchmaking process. When services are presentation oriented rather than merely data-oriented, another layer of difficulty is introduced. The architecture of Web Services for Remote Portlets is discussed extensively, including the interaction cycle between the client and the producer that allows state variables for each remote session of a portlet to be maintained. A comparison is made between the way concepts are implemented in two different portlet specifications: the IBM Portlet API and JSR168. An architecture is proposed to support the automated use of dynamic services for remote portlets, the motivation for which is the lack of expressivity of the current standards to represent the semantic requirements and capabilities of data and user-facing web services.

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