On-Demand Invocation of Web Services

Z. Zhao (USA), Q.Z. Sheng (Australia), and A.H.H. Ngu (USA)


Web service, on-demand service invocation, service oriented architecture.


The research and development over the last few years have led to a multitude of tools in the creation and deployment of Web services. Unfortunately, very little has been done regarding the consumption of Web services. In this pa per, we describe the design and implementation of a frame work (DWSIF) that supports on-demand invocation of Web services. Our framework allows both service providers and service consumers to remain autonomous and maintain the loosely coupled relationship without incurring the per formance penalty typically experienced in traditional dy namic service invocation framework. In DWSIF, the ser vice proxy is only generated when it is first invoked or when there is a change in the underlying Web service. The client applications in DWSIF can automatically adapt to the frequent changes in Web services and result in systems that are more maintainable and reliable. We demonstrate the benefits of our approach by conducting an experimen tal evaluation using the implemented framework.

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