Web Application Supporting Large-Scale, Collaborative, Geo-traced Art

B. Falchuk (USA)


Wireless Web applications, Mobility, Applications in entertainment


The ubiquity of mobile GPS-enabled devices and the unrelenting desire to use these devices - not only for communications but also entertainment - has created a rich sub-culture of new services and technologies. While geo-caching may be the most well-known, many others are bubbling just under the surface, including those that relate to geo-tracing. However, there is a real lack of software systems to explicitly support this sort of emerging application in large scales and in backend computation. To this end, we have designed both an innovative new application to support GPS-based geo traced artwork, and a supporting software system that implements the application “workflow”: systematic assignment of geo-traces to a large set of collaborating users, the execution of those traces (proof of execution is in the user’s GPS log), and the presentation and manipulation of those traces accessible to users via standard Web protocols. Beyond this early design and prototype in our Research Lab, this unique and novel work constitutes a call to application developers to build out these sorts of innovative GPS-based applications involving creative use of technology, aesthetic, and fun. It also calls out an architecture that incorporates best-of breed, scalable, telecom hardware and software. To that end, this paper provides a blueprint for deployment of geo-traced art applications for communications providers.

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