IU-EVAL Implementing an Open-Source Electronic Course Evaluation System

H. Hakimzadeh, L. Williams, B. Kress, J. Ostrom, J. DeBoni, C. Beelby, and T. Eash (USA)


Web-based applications, web-based course evaluations, assessment, open source software development.


Anonymous course evaluation is an important instrument for assessing teaching effectiveness and maintaining the quality of academic programs. At many universities a significant amount of resources and staff time is spent on preparation, distribution and collection of confidential end-of-semester evaluations. To minimize manual processing and improve the speed, accuracy, and effectiveness of this task, the authors have developed an open-source, web-based electronic course evaluation system called IU-EVAL. The system was tested by approximately 19,500 students between August 1, 2004, and May 30, 2006. In this paper we describe some of the design principles and strategies behind the development of IU-EVAL as open-source software.

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