A Switching Search Proxy

H.-T. Chang, T.-C. Hsu, and S. Wu (Taiwan)


Query partitioning, dynamic caching, and static caching.


Search engine has become a very effective tool to find wanted information in the web. Huge numbers of query re quests are generated everyday. It is impossible to handle all these voluminous query requests in a single machine. Such problem is handled in general by duplicating the search ser vice in many servers and putting a layer-4 switching de vice as the entry point of the duplicated query processing servers. The workload of query requests is therefore dis tributed to the duplicated query processing servers. How ever, a layer-4 switching device dispatches the query re quests in a blind and random manner.In this paper, we de sign a new approach called Switching Search Proxy to re place the layer-4 switching device. Our switching search proxy uses a content sensitive query partitioning scheme to dispatch the query requests. Such scheme enables a very effective query caching mechanism composed of a dy namic caching and static caching to greatly improve the performance of the search service. In our experiments, we found that up to 55% improvement in response time can be achieved by our switching search proxy, compared to the traditional layer-4 switch approach.

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