Semantic-Context Guided Internet Search

R.F. Brena and E.H. Ramirez (Mexico)


semantic, web search, web pages, context.


Web search technology is currently one of the main pil lars of the internet; each single internet user performs web searches on a daily basis. Nevertheless, search queries face the problem of no semantic consideration, as just key words are searched for regardless of their meaning, and many unrelated results are thrown to the user when there are synonyms, which is a rather frequent situation. Seman tic Web proponents, on the other hand, offer a meaning rich perspective, but face practical and technological lim itations, and account for much less than one percent of current internet. We propose a semantic interpretation of web search frequencies, and around the notion of “Seman tic Contexts” we offer a way of taking into account the se mantics of terms for guiding internet searches. As a result, web searches could be focused more accurately, and more useful results be delivered to users.

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