Estimation of Energy Consumption for Domestic Hot Water in Hospitals

J.S. Katsanis, P.G. Halaris, P.T. Tsarabaris, G.N. Malahias, and P.D. Bourkas (Greece)


Energy consumption, Domestic Hot Water, Hospital, Cogeneration Nomenclature w WT/WE, thermal to power ratio TW Thermal energy kWh EW Electric energy kWh HOTWATERW Energy consumption for hot water kWh RQ Design demand of water l/s RCWQ Design demand of cold water l/s RHWQ Design demand of hot water l/s RQΣ Total design demand l/s SQ Peak demand l/s f Simultaneity factor V Hot water demand l/d bed iV Hot water consumption m3 /h iVΣ Cumulative consumption m3 /d C Cold H Hot Q


In this work a satisfactory estimation of energy consumption is given for domestic hot water in hospitals. This estimation can contribute to the evaluation of applications of cogeneration systems in hospitals.

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