Exergetic and Thermoeconomics Analysis in a Cogeneration Plant in a Pulp and Paper Mill

E. Cortés Rodríguez and W. Rivera Gómez-Franco (Mexico)


Cogeneration, optimization, exergetic analysis, thermoeconomics and design.


The energy conservation is a main point in the current world economy and it will follow being the same in the future, the efficient use of this energy can reduce the energetic demand. In this research an exergetic analysis was developed in one of the most demanding and wasteful industries of energy -pulp and paper mill- which has a cogeneration plant. It was analyzed in the energetic and exergetic ways, from the material and energy streams related with the cogeneration plant to the bordering equipment which allowed to analyzed the most important variables in the process operation and to identify and locate the main areas of energy loss, allowing to suggest and carry out operation changes in the recovery boiler, the turbogenerator, the thermal treatment and the evaporators lines, being able to settle down and to develop the design of a new evaporator line that will substitute the existent ones. The results have allowed the development of a software that establishes the conditions of operation and the design of a new equipment with the task to achieve the maximum use of energy in this mill with important economical and energetic savings.

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