Magnetic Field Analysis of the Egyptian High Voltage Transmission Networks using the Vector Magnetic Potential Concept

H.M. Ismail, A.S. Nassar, and M.M. Zeiter (Kuwait)


521-124 Magnetic Field, Transmission Lines, Energy and the Environment, Vector Potential, Right-of-Way Limits.


This paper presents quantitative analysis of the magnetic field at the ground and at 1-m height above ground surface for the different high voltage transmission networks operating in Egypt. Graphs for lateral profiles of the magnetic field distribution for typical 500 kV, 220 kV and 132 kV, for different loading line currents, are presented. The concept of vector magnetic field potential as extended to multiphase transmission line is used to calculate the magnetic flux density components around the mentioned transmission lines. The presented graphs are useful for setting the maximum allowable line current magnitude, for existing lines, corresponding to a certain safe level of the magnetic field at the edge of right of way. Based on the vector magnetic potential concept, a general program is developed which allows a user to conveniently (with a minimum of input data) generate, calculate and plot the magnetic flux density components in space easily.

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