Realisations in the Field of Combustion for a New Type of Gaseous Fuel based on Hydrogen

L. Paunescu, G. Surugiu, C. Dica, P.D. Stănescu, G. Iorga, H. Necula, and I. Ivan (Romania)


521-105 Hydrogen, clean energy, greenhouse effect gases.


The paper approaches a very actual problem worldwide, concerning the replacing, in combustion processes, of classical fossil fuels by clean energy sources, in order to reduce the greenhouse effect gases, as well as for fossil fuels’ saving. The experiments aimed to obtain an oxy-hydric gaseous fuel, known as Klein gas, resulted by a new procedure of water electrolysis, obtained in a generator of USA conception and realization and improved in Romania by the company ROKURA Industrial Applications, which is in the present the owner of licence to apply this fuel in Europe and Israel. The Klein gas contains Hydrogen and oxygen in an almost stoichiometric proportion and its structure is different of that molecular conventional, conferring it particular properties. Until now they were performed researches for Klein gas combustion in association with natural gas, the mixture being realized outside the burner, as well as by injection of Klein gas in burning area of natural gas, directly into the flame. The results obtained emphasized an intensification of combustion rate and an increase of temperature developed into the flame, depending on the proportion of Klein gas used. If in case of mixture performance outside the burner, the optimal proportion between the two fuels is of 1/5.2, in case of Klein gas injection directly into the formed flame, this proportion reaches 1/3.

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