Damping the Torsional Oscillations using SMES in Power System

R. Dahiya (India)


FACT-Flexible AC transmission, NDS- Negative Damping Stabilizer, EHG- Electro Hydraulic Governor, D-decomposition technique


Superconducting magnetic energy storage (SMES) systems store energy in the magnetic field which is created by the direct current. Power is available almost instantaneously from SMES systems. Hence it can be successfully used as FACTs device. In the present paper the effectiveness of SMES for damping the torsional oscillations of synchronous generator is investigated. The mathematical modeling of a regulated synchronous generator, transmission line, turbine generator shaft along with SMES has been done. The SMES unit is connected at the generator terminals. The transmission line is represented by its distributed parameters. The studies have been carried out using D-decomposition technique .A point check for stability is done by frequency scanning method.

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