On the Optimal Load Frequency Control of an Interconnected Hydro Electric Power System using Genetic Algorithms

Y.L. Karnavas (Greece)


521-099 Load frequency control, AGC, hydro-power systems, genetic algorithms, Simulink/Matlab


This paper deals with the application of genetic algorithms for optimizing the parameters needed for conventional automatic generation control (AGC) applied to interconnected hydro power systems. A two-area hydro power system is considered to exemplify the optimum parameter search. Digital simulations are performed aided by the integrated Simulink/Matlab environment in conjunction with the genetic optimization process. Several integral performance indices, or cost functions, are considered in the search for the optimal AGC parameters. The work utilize a more elaborate feedback control strategy, such as the proportional-plus-integral-plus derivative type, within the decentralized frame. The results reported in this paper have not been obtained before and they demonstrate the effectiveness of the genetic algorithms in the tuning of such a process.

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