Computer based Tools for Distribution Network Automation

N. Pitrone (Italy)


On-line management, electric distribution automation, expert system, neural network, educational activity.


A reliable and flexible on-line management and control system of the distribution electric network is described: it has been implemented step by step in the last years by the author’s team, by using advanced hardware and software technologies. The results obtained show the reliability of the realized lab model. The decentralized control is carried out by Programmable Logic Controllers (PLCs), which perform protection of the feeders, fault clearing, reconfiguration of the network and data acquisition, under the central control of an expert system, running on a personal computer. The expert system performs monitoring of the system, network reconfiguration policy, overload forecasting and updating of the load diagrams of each feeder. The various functions have been carefully tested. The system is rather complex: a very accurate test on the field is needed before the actual realization. Anyway, its didactic importance is relevant: therefore, the various pieces have been analyzed from this point of view and will be proposed to some groups of undergraduates as a coordinated work. The students will be greatly involved and can suggest alternative solutions.

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