Reliable Electricity Supply: Strategic Goals - Short Term Actions

I. Kromer (Hungary)


Supply security, advanced conductor designs, dispersed generation, transmission planning, communication infrastructure


Upgrading the electricity grid to meet the growing needs of the society will be a vital step towards ensuring the viability and security in the coming years. The future electric system will build on the existing infrastructure. The emergence of new technologies, tools and techniques will proceed through several phases. The report address the topical issues elicited by the most important actual driving forces: grid reliability and security of fuel supply. Extracting maximum performance from transmission lines can be achieved by replacing the conventional conductor with advanced conductors. Given the complexity of the electric grid, better communications are keys to providing improvement in security and efficiency. Due to the multiplicity of criteria and uncertainty an urgent need of flexible grid planning methods permitting robust solutions has been manifested. New technologies must enable the full and cost effective integration of dispersed generation into the power system. The report highlights the ongoing efforts in these fields

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