A Simulator for Single Phase Induction Motor-Converter Performance

L. Ben Amor, C.A. Belhadj, S. El Ferik, and A.S. Hussain (Saudi Arabia)


SPIM simulator, steady state characteristics, transient operation analysis, air conditioning unit, soft starting.


This paper presents a simulator suitable for both transient and steady state performance prediction of a single phase induction motor (SPIM). The powerful Sim-Power Systems Blockset is used as a simulation platform. The SPIM model includes representation of both main and auxiliary winding in stationary reference frame. The simulator includes a Triac based ac power converter. Both currents and voltage waveforms can be simulated for different firing angles. The simulator allows both current speed and torque-speed characteristics calculation. Direct and soft starting tests were performed on a SPIM driven window type air conditioning unit. The simulated and experimental tests are compared showing close agreement.

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