Comparative Study between a Three and Five Level WRPWM Switching Scheme

C.T. Chaing, M.N. Gitau, and G. Ebersohn (South Africa)


Multilevel Inverter, Weighted Random Pulse Width Modulation, Discrete Harmonic Spectrum, Signal and Noise Power.


Multilevel Random Pulse Width Modulation (RPWM) schemes have drawn increasing attention from researchers in the past few years. The combination of multilevel topologies and random PWM schemes lead to high quality output waveforms and a reduction in discrete harmonics spectra. Research findings on 2-, and 3-level weighted random PWM schemes have been documented in the literature [1]-[3]. This paper presents a comparative study between the performances of a 3 and 5-level WRPWM scheme. The effects of using an even number of comparisons on the performance of both 3- and 5- level WRPWM schemes are discussed.

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