Control of Voltage and Frequency in Inverter and Synchronous Generator based Urban LV Microgrid

H. Laaksonen, P. Saari, and R. Komulainen (Finland)


Distributed generation, frequency control, islanding, low voltage network, microgrid, voltage control


This paper investigates voltage and frequency control of an islanded microgrid after intentional switching events. The studied urban low voltage (LV) network based microgrid consists of three inverter and one synchronous generator based distributed generation (DG) units. In this case the battery inverter based unit with rapid response is considered to act as a master and it has the main responsibility to control the voltage and frequency in microgrid when islanded from the main distribution network. Simulation results confirm previous studies about the voltage - active power and frequency - reactive power dependency in LV network and the need of a reference sine wave generator inside master unit to maintain frequency balance in islanded inverter based microgrid. In addition the simulations show that this kind of a system is needed and it works also when synchronous generator is connected to LV microgrid. The studies are done with PSCAD simulation software package.

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