An RF Smart Pressure Sensor for Non-Invasive Phlebological Therapy

M. Meiners, T. Schary, W. Benecke, M. Stuecker, and T. Eggers (Germany)


Dermatology, Venous Ulcer, Compression Therapy, Inter face Pressure Measurement


Chronic venous insufficiency (CVI) is the most common cause of leg ulcers. It has a significant socio-economic im pact in developed countries. A variety of fabrics in the form of compression bandages and compression stockings are available for phlebological compression therapy which is a fundamentally non-invasive treatment. In many cases the compression method applied is not optimal. The method should be continuously monitored for quality reasons be cause the pressure gradient of the various synthetic fibres differs and compression stockings or bandages are not ap plied properly, especially in the Bisgaard’s scenery the area around the ankles. This paper presents biotelemetry combined with micro-electromechanical-system (MEMS) based sensor technology. This approach finds a remedy for non-invasive quality management in venous ulcer therapy. The fol lowing smart-sensor system design is a based on radio frequency (RF) technology for its applicability in a selected phlebological problem.

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