Mobile IP Infrastructure for Emergency Medical Services

J. Light and Bhuvaneshwari A. (Canada)


Software tool, mobile architecture, database connectivity, Internet Protocol


In this project, we provide a solution to the inefficient manual data entry and transfer system for the EMS crews on the move, to the central databases in the Saint John area of New Brunswick with the proposed mobile Internet Protocol (IP) infrastructure. Our goal is to improve the call response time of the health care provided by EMS, using the new technology proposed here. This IP technology, allows simultaneous transfer of voice, video and data together as IP packets in the same wireless medium, thereby providing savings in bandwidth and time. The IP networks were originally not designed for real-time traffic. Hence, to have real-time voice, video and data in this network, we have proposed in this research project, wireless data transfer and management techniques, which will be implemented in the proposed EMS software tool. We propose first to develop the ems tool to run in a CDMA wireless network and later extend to other wireless networks.

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