GiPSiNet: A Middleware for Networked Surgical Simulations

V. Liberatore, M.C. Çavuşoğlu, and Q. Cai (USA)


Surgical simulation, Virtual reality, Network, Middleware. ∗URL:∼vxl11/. The presenta tion was made possible in part by School of Graduate Studies at Case Western Reserve University.


Virtual environments are a promising new medium among the simulation methods for surgical education. The net work extension of surgical virtual environments will enable continuing education and advanced training over wide ge ographical areas. However, the network settings also pose several non-trivial problems in terms of bandwidth limits, delays, packet losses, etc. for distributed surgical virtual simulations. In our previous work [6], we presented GiPSi (Gen eral Interactive Physical Simulation Interface), an open source/open architecture framework for developing surgi cal simulations. GiPSi works on individual workstations and, in our ongoing development, we extend GiPSi to a network environment. This network extension involves the development of a middleware module (GiPSiNet) to reme diate for the lack of network QoS (Quality of Service) and to enhance the user-perceived quality (fidelity and realism) of a networked simulation. In this paper, we introduce the design of the GiPSiNet middleware and describe the tech niques to provide timely data delivery over the network. We also provide the evaluation measures for the perfor mance of user-perceived simulation quality in the presence of network dynamics.

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