AMDI: An Atlas to Integrate Case Studies, E-Learning, and Research Systems via the Web

D. Guliato, R.S. BĂ´aventura, E.V. de Melo, V. de Deus, F.R. Janones (Brazil), and R.M. Rangayyan (Canada)


Ontology, mammographic database, teaching system, research system, indexed atlas, breast cancer


We present the design of an indexed atlas of digital mammograms, including concepts related to Web-based medical databases and ontologies for the representation of knowledge in the area of mammography and computer aided diagnosis of breast cancer. The system facilitates the entry of new cases and related mammograms, radiological information, clinical information, and information related to the health and life style of a patient by a registered and authorized clinical user. The atlas incorporates a teaching system and a research system. The systems are designed to permit computer-aided diagnosis, teleradiology, telemedicine, content-based case or image retrieval, data mining, and distance learning.

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