GIGISM (Glucose-Insulin and Glycemic Index Web Simulator) - The Online System Supporting Diabetes Therapy

A. Izworski, J. Koleszynska, R. Tadeusiewicz, J. Bulka, and I. Wochlik (Poland)


Telehealth system, diabetes therapy, web simulator, glycemic index


In the paper an open access internet based computer system has been described, visualizing the patient's postprandial plasma glucose (PPG), determined from an adaptive simulation model of pancreas gland. In the insulin-dependent diabetes, which requires continual insulin dosing, it is necessary to coordinate the meal time with the drug injection. In the insulin-independent diabetes, if it has been diagnosed early enough, a properly composed diet may be a sufficient form of therapy. In both cases the visualization of the plasma glucose level, correlated with the nutrition equivalent of the recent meals, may be helpful in limiting the invasive procedures or assist in proper choice of the diet. At the same time the results of such a simulation may be used by persons fighting obesity, as a direct help in distinguishing between physiological hunger and the abnormal one, resulting from excessive variations of glucose and insulin levels in blood. One of the intermediate goals of the present paper was the introduction of proper modifications to the existing model of the dynamic glucose-insulin dependence, in order to enable the prediction of PPG levels for both healthy and ill persons, based on the last meal time and its nutrition rate determined by the Glycemic Index (GI). Additionally the model has been enhanced to take into account individual parameters (adaptiveness), which may affect the simulation results. A simplified version of the application may be implemented in portable devices like palmtops or mobile phones.

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